Dorinda Fox

 Spiritual Educator and Coach

Dorinda Fox loves to explore inner and outer worlds. “Spirituality and travel are my two greatest pursuits.” Her experience includes energy work, healing and spiritual studies for more than 35 years. 

Recently, I completed a career in nonprofit organization leadership, training, and employment program management; and am now involved in my ‘greatest work,’ which is helping people connect on a deeper level with their inner spiritual guidance, their direction, joy and success.”

Dorinda has extensive professional experience working with people and organizations, and has traveled nationally and internationally for business and pleasure. It is soul exploration that she values most, looking within to heal limiting beliefs; and trusting inspiration from spiritual source/guidance to bring out creativity, strengths and wisdom. Her greatest joy comes from her personal connection with higher Spirit, discovering answers, growing in consciousness, sharing, and assisting others to live their dreams.

Her credentials include a Master of Arts in education-counseling. She is certified by the Americana Leadership College as a trained and experienced leader of Astro-Soul, Inner Peace Movement, Peace Community Church, and Profound Mystical Meditation Programs, each one a path to spiritual evolution/revolution. As well as an ALC certified consultant in many facets of private consultation including the Orientation, Blockage Discovery, Glandular, Chakra Balancing, Inner Guidance, Balance of Thought & Feeling, Living Thrust, Spiritual Compatibility, and other advanced spiritual Profiles available to assist individuals who want to reach their full potential. Also, she is an ordained minister and doctor of divinity in Peace Community Church International.

Currently, Dorinda lives in scenic Placitas, New Mexico, with husband John and Molly Brown, their Transylvanian Hound. She is active on the Boards of Directors of three nonprofit organizations, including Wayshowers Community Fellowship Corp., Inner Peace Movement International, Inc.; and she currently serves as President of Peace Community Church International, a church without walls and without limiting dogma.

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“Covering new ground is fun! The keys to creativity and success are simple if I have clear inner guidance and am willing to move to fulfill my needs and goals with openness to change, teamwork with spiritual helpers, and balance of my feeling sensitivity and intellect. If you are looking for answers and do not want to be told what to do by others, you will find tools you can use here. I look forward to sharing with you!”