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Leaving a worn-torn country and coming to America is, unfortunately, the root cause of many immigrant stories. But maybe for me it wasn't so unfortunate. I'm a first generation immigrant who found myself in the streets of Queens, New York at the age of 2 because of a conflict that broke out in the Middle East. My parents, siblings, and I fled war and found a safe haven in the United States. However, the neighborhood I grew up wasn't the best. I grew up in an environment where drug dealings, robberies, and violence were a way of life. Luckily, I was never involved in that lifestyle but you can imagine the fear that my parents had for their children. From escaping war to now living in the hood. My parents had no choice but to prioritize my safety - to my own detriment. Because of fear and being over-protected, making friends, being curious, and adventurous were all things that I had avoided. It was nothing but my own reservations that created a shy personality and caused me to grow up quiet and afraid of people and the world. I had no self-confidence.

The human condition never stays the same. You either grow and evolve or wither and rot. Unconsciously, I chose to grow. My family ended up moving to a much safer neighborhood where we could breathe a bit easier. It was around this time in late high school, that I started to read books about topics that I was interested in. Not the boring stuff I was forced to read in school. I read books like The Alchemist, Malcolm X's autobiography, How to Win Friends and Influence People, and Rich Dad Poor Dad - just to name a few. Youtube videos and podcasts weren't a thing growing up so most of my knowledge consumption came from books. It was my own way of exploring the world and being introduced to new ideas and people. Little did I know, I was doing something that very few kids my age actually do. Sure, I played the video games, bounced the basketball, and worked out at my local YMCA. But my curious appetite to grow my mind and soul made me different than others. I would find out later in life that I wasn't alone with this mindset.

My growth mindset was something that I had developed early in life. However I still lived in scarcity. I was still afraid of people and afraid to be myself. I had a negative outlook on the world and legitimately feared that our society was going to collapse at any point. Up until this time, everything revolved around me and my own self-perseveration. Life took a turn when I finally moved out on my own and started a new life in Northern Virginia, just minutes outside of the nation's capital, where I currently reside (By the way: if you are young and reading this, I strongly encourage you to move out of your parents home and live on your own; paying your own bills and making your own way. It will radically transform your life).

Although I was afraid of people I understood the power of connections and relationships. I knew that my life would only move forward if I got connected to the right people. Living on my own forced me to be more social and put myself out there in society. How did I do that? It was raw: I started talking to strangers. It started by trying to talk to pretty girls at the malls and bookstores. Then I started going to social events by myself. I also joined my local Toastmasters to develop my public speaking skills. I was consistently putting myself outside of my comfort zone and doing the scary things socially. Because of those courageous acts, I found myself in the company of mentors, entrepreneurial communities, new books, and new information. All this led me to have new thoughts and take new actions in my life. Those new actions started to change me physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

This was a point where my mindset started changing from scarcity to abundance. I learned from extremely successful people that this world is not a zero-sum game. I learned that there is more than enough in this world for everyone to have - money, health, relationships, peace etc.  However, the reason why everyone does not live in abundance is because not everyone chooses to think in abundance. It is simply the The Law of Attraction at work. The Have's and Have Not's are a result of people choosing to have either an abundance or scarcity outlook on life. It has nothing to do with the government, or any political and economic systems. They may have some influence on your results - but your own mindset and actions will ultimately determine wether you have abundance or not.

There is a phrase that I heard many years ago that has been burned into my psyche: "Heaven on Earth".

Heaven on Earth is defined as an ideal state of the world where every single human being is living in abundance. I'm on a mission to create Heaven on Earth. To many, it sounds like an unachievable dream. Maybe it is...maybe it's not. To me, it's a dream worth pursuing and I know other people feel the same way. If you are reading this, I believe that a part of you also believes that Heaven on Earth is possible.

It was a combination of my experiences with many different people, my involvement in the entrepreneurial and corporate worlds, and my own ideas from books and other sources, that influenced my decision to package and brand my mission. Thus, Limitless Living was born. To me, these two words summarized my philosophy for creating Heaven on Earth. It's a philosophy that requires believing that you can have it all and then doing something about it. I believe that we can have:

Pristine health
More money that I could ever need
Amazing relationships with the most inspiring people
A life led by a higher purpose

I want this for myself and I want this for you. But you and I, individually, cannot achieve this alone. We have to partner and work together. We have to build a community. This is why I created Limitless Living - so we can build a community of abundance and growth-minded people that want to create Heaven on Earth.

Why I chose apparel is a story for another time. Right now I wanted to share my story up until this point. A brand is only as good as the story behind it. The story of Limitless Living has just started and it's ever-evolving. Who knows what the future holds for myself, you, and this Limitless living community. One thing for sure is that I do know that the future is vast, wide, and infinite ♾

With peace

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